Frosty Nuts

My uber swimming buddies who have been with me on many a watery adventure. Too many to mention… I count myself very lucky to have found a bunch of such good mates who love adventure swimming (as do we all)… you know how much I dig you all!

I think James Goins has known for a while I would build to the English Channel challenge and in retrospect I see he’s been playing me like a ukulele, with an encouraging conversation here, the odd facebook comment there…

The Squirrels

Every squirrel needs nuts, and we Frosty Nuts need our Squirrels: collectively the guys who will get up ridiculously early on a Saturday to ferry us around in cars, take photos from headlands, carry feeds, kayak, crew support boats… They do it for the love of the Frosties and the love of ocean swimming.

Ben Hutt

Probably one of the greatest influences in me deciding to swim the channel and now my swim buddy for the English Channel; Ben trained for the crossing last year but was thwarted by weather conditions; he’ll be back in 2014 (we’re swimming on the same tide) and I’m looking forward to training with this great inspirational guy who juggles a busy job, wife and three girls.

view Ben’s last Channel swim blog


Coaches Charm and Vlad

At Vladswim; every weekday morning they’re there at ABC pool, keeping you pushing hard and going the extra mile in training. A compliment from either of them makes your day brighter and puts a bit more power in your catch! With a growing body of English Channel swimmers who have trained under them, they are the go-to guys for marathon swim training in Sydney (and possibly Australia… and possibly the world).

Vist the Vladswim website


Nic Piha

Nic has supported Triple Crown South African marathon swimmer Roger Finch on all three swims and knows more about the fine art of spending hour after hour on a boat, sorting feeds, giving encouragement and bullying, than anyone I know and I’m proud to have her on “Team Tolman” to swim the channel.

All the English Channel swimmers I know..

All of whom are a font of knowledge and insight on all aspects of the swim, including those I’ve not even considered yet! Iain McGregor (Frosty Nut and the first person I knew who’d swum the channel), Collie Kinsella, Wyatt Song, Tori Gorman, Tara Diversi and others.