The luckiest guy in the world

Major milestone passed: 40 years old on May 31.

I took a “guilty pleasure” long-weekend off swimming, the first half through design, the second half through bad weather.  Despite some vague guilt I really had a ball.  My bestie Andy (creator of this wonderful site) came to visit for the weekend (no mean feat for someone with a 6 week old son) and Jennie treated me like a prince, firstly with kick-ass presents (AquaCae logo’ed towel and budgies, a great triptych of family selfies that we all love and the best invention in the world that allows you to make ice cream while exercising), secondly with my great birthday party, with cake, balloons, jelly bellies (my faves) and all of my great friends around me).

Back to it on Monday, but for three days I was king of birthdays! At 40 I feel more joyous and full of vitality than I have felt in my whole life: I have a loving family, a job I enjoy, a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” to aim for in my channel swim…  great friends all around me… just call me Captain Smug!AquaCae birthdayCae triptych