My moment of fame and heroic fatness

I finally got my 15 (10) minutes of fame this week: my interview with Dom Knight on ABC 702 Sydney.

After being cast aside following an apparently newsworthy situation involving the (ex) NSW Premier, a bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange, a memory lapse and a memory failure leading to the “inadvertant” misleading of an anti corruption committee, finally I found myself and Leah travelling to ABC in Ultimo and boy was I nervous: I knew my key messages, I knew my key words to convey what I’m doing (swimming the bloddy channel) and why I’m doing it (achievement and Alzheimers!).

Dom Knight was great: a wonderful host and interviewer; his producer, Sarah was great and I think she and Leah had as entertaining a time in the production booth as I had a nerve wracked one on mic!

I think I did myself proud…

Listen and find out for yourselves!

On a separate note I have now received a weight gain plan for the Channel from everyone’s favorite cold water dietician, Tara Diversi: is it possible to gain weight, while swimming up to 50km/week? If it is it will be through consuming an additional 5-6000 kj per day and I’ll find out! Apparently it involves shots of macadamia oil, 2 breakfasts (with a big swim and nutrition while training), mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert and litres of flavoured milk! OMFG!!!