Microwave Jenny House Concert

Friday 2 August saw the Tolman family hosting a house concert as an Alzheimer’s Australia  fundraiser for 30 guests.

Our fave pop/folk/love duo, Microwave Jenny… in fact, our favorite group, are in the midst of a house concert tour of Australia; in order to host them I had to apply, making a strong argument as to why they should play at my home; what better reason is there than a charitable one… once I told them about AquaCae’s English Channel adventures and my chosen charity what choice did they have?

So, after three weeks of mild anxiety, 3 evenings of origami flower folding and two days of Jennie (and Flea and Cath) furiously baking, furious furniture moving and about 2 hours of extreme anxiety (for me), the time had come.  Tessa from Microwave Jenny had been posting photos of the first 6 house concerts on instagram and facebook, and while she emphasises it is not to raise the bar… it did raise the bar.  We did them proud: fairy lights, chains of origami flowers, bunting with their name on it… look at the photos: whammeee!

We sold beer, wine and soft drinks (at a modest mark up) took a portion of the entry fee for charity and held a raffle…special thanks go to the splendid Microwave Jenny for the donation of merch, Nicolee (of Maui Jim, purveyors of fine sunglasses) for fine sunnies, Sheryn (owner of A Fine Balance Yoga, Mona Vegas) for a vouchers for a month of free yoga and a free massage.  We also auctioned one of  James Goins’ fine pecan pies, the smell of which drove everyone mad!  Thanks to Miles for turning a pie into $55 through his auctioneer skills… we should have asked for a pie-buying consortium and could’ve got more still!!!

It appears everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly; certainly, speaking on behalf of the family I can say we had been anticipating this evening for weeks and it blew us away: the atmosphere, the beautiful music, the beautiful smiling Tessa and Brendon… simply everything!  Can you imagine having your favorite musicians performing live in your lounge, chatting to you and your friends between songs… crazy!

They played for at least for one and a half hours, including all of my favorite songs (apart from “When you don’t call”… but I’ll forgive them that) and in the process won a number of new fans as I’m sure they are doing at every house concert!

I’m pretty stoked to announce that we raised over $600 for Alzheimer’s Australia in one evening; this brings me closer to my overall target to support vital research into the causes, effects and treatment of dementia.

I need to give special thanks and love to Jennie and Leah for their patience with me and my weird anxieties, their unending support of my channel swim exploits and their inspired decoration plans and baking… I’m just a paper-folding monkey who obeys their orders!

Jennie and I are getting used to our new lives as empresarios and are going to move heaven and earth to plan another fundraising house concert; we have a particular musician in mind!

However, I have said to Tessa and Brendon, that while like lightning, they probably never strike the same place twice.  However, if they chose to do so we could fill a room with smiles and happiness once more.

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