Media Excitement

While fundraising for Alzheimer’s Australia was not the primary reason for me deciding to attempt the channel, I am passionate about the need to improve outcomes for people with dementia and I am proud to have already raised nearly $2500 for Alzheimer’s Australia. But… I want more: lots more!

Up until recently my efforts at fundraising have been limited: I knew I was going to make a big push at the peak of my training. The $600 raised at the Microwave Jenny House Concert last August was an unexpected bonus and a great reason for Tessa and Brendon to play at our house.

However recently I have given a couple of presentations at my office, which has resulted in many donations (and I’ve not given up there yet and will continue to harass colleagues); I am grateful to ¬†members of my team appointing themselves as my PR entourage and fundraisers (including a great guy who is making a big batch of ghost chili sauce for sale to benefit my charity). ¬†I also have other helpful people (my tax accountant, a lawyer dog walking friend to name 2) testing their contacts in the world of media.

I have, however, achieved one little victory through my own initiative: on Wednesday 16 April at 20:30 (or so) Australian Eastern Standard Time I will be interviewed by Dom Knight on his evening show on ABC 702 Sydney, a well known talk radio station (for my non-Australia chums ABC is equivalent to BBC).

I’m pretty damned excited (and nervous) about this and pleased that I will be able to communicate my story, my swim and the unmet need in dementia care to a broad public and hopefully give my charity a shot in the arm. Please listen and support me (send me good vibes… or whatever).

To those of you outside of Sydney or Australia…. you have the internet… you can find it. Alternatively download the Tune In Radio App, find ABC Sydney 702 and listen on your iPhone (other smart phone devices are available).

Only 78 days to go… tick tock tick tock… feeling good, feeling strong, but feeling a bit too warm! This weekend’s swim was a tough 4h swim in Manly Harbour in 30-35 knot southerly winds: whitecaps everywhere and a washing machine at Little Manly point… just like Dover Harbour but 10 degrees warmer (the current English Channel water temperature is 10.5 degrees C, which, believe it or not, is above average!).