Aloha y’all

Hi swimfans! Long time no write… been resting on my laurels, dining out on being a channel swimmer, trying to shift channel chunk. However the next swim has been brewing for a while. Now, having committed with cold hard cash, it is time to announce AquaCae’s next big swim.


The Moloka’i Channel, also known as the Kaiwi Channel (or Channel of Bones) is a body of water between Oahu and Moloka’i. At 42km it is the longest of the Ocean’s Seven and is renowned for being nearly always rough with abundant sea life, including sharks, jellies, whales, turtles and dolphins.

It was first swum by Keo Nakama in 1961 and has been successfully crossed 36 times by 33 swimmers, including 4 Australians (Chris Palfrey in 2010, Penny Palfrey in 2011, Ollie Wilkinson in 2012 and Cameron Keith in 2014)… considerably fewer crossings than the English Channel!

Between 1st and 10th October 2016 I will attempt to swim this channel, hopefully on the same day as Ben and Michael, 2 of the other Frosties who conquered the English Channel in July 2014.

The wonderful Jeff Kozlovich of the Kaiwi Channel Association is our man on the ground and will be finding pilots, kayaks etc as well as providing critical guidance on logistics. As far as I can see from numerous blogs, he’s the man who can when it comes to Kaiwi! The three of us planning to swim on the same day is pretty much unprecedented and I think he’s as excited as we are about it! After Michael having to wait 5 days in Dover after Miles, Ben and I swam and the frustration it caused him, if we can set off within hours of each other then how cool is that?

So… what does the next 20 months look like? 8 months of getting swimfit again and honing my technique, followed by 12 months of training.


I will continue swimming to raise dementia awareness and funds for research into dementia and its causes through Alzheimer’s Australia. Friday saw the kick off of AquaCae’s fundraising efforts with another house gig.

We were excited and proud to host local gal, Fanny Lumsden (and one of her Thrillseekers, Dan Freeman on double bass); Fanny’s a country NSW girl: sassy, fun and a great purveyor of alt-country and random banter that bears no relevance to her songs, she is soon to release her first album after 2 knock-out EPs and a more recent single. Fanny was supported by Amber Rae Slade and the Mighty Big Noise. Hailing from Detroit she played loud and did a kick-ass cover of Fresh Prince of Bel Air quite unlike anything you’ll have ever heard. Tess and Brendon of Microwave Jenny even treated us to a bonus song!

The evening rocked and raised a few hundred dollars for Alzheimer’s Research… yee-hah!


Keep watching the waves… you’ll see me taking it one stroke at a time!

Oh and one last thing… Aloha!