23 March 2013 – Mona Vegas and neighbouring beaches

A beautiful Sunday swim, just Jennie and me. Not quite sure why we went solo, but it was a phenomenal morning for a swim as evidenced by the photos.

Launching into Bongin Bongin bay (just north of Mona Vegas), we travelled north to Bungan Head, then South to Turrimetta Head, before swimming back north to Bongin Bongin bay once more (with a detour to make up 3 hours of swimming)

Highlights of this swim include:

A considerable current from the South (15 minutes/km in one direction, 19min/km in another)

Perfect, pristine, “glad to be alive” conditions: glassy surface, abundant sea life, clear blue sky, warm… mmmmmm

Thankfully few jimbles (about 3 or 4 stings in 3 hours)

Dropping nuts at Turrimetta Head as a large school of bait fish swam past me 2 or 3 times (prior to a rapidly-made decision to head back north)

The breathtaking nature of Turrimetta Head up close (I love all of the Northern beaches headlands, but this one, seen behind Jennie is the bomb)

Spending too long feeding because I felt sorry for Jennie being lonely paddling on her own (3 hours of kayaking through paradise… it is hard to feel too much sympathy!)

Lots of photos of my stroke… noticing my wrists are too stiff during recovery and this has been a focus for me since.  Next time I’ve asked jen to surreptitiously video me so I can weep at how little I look like a dolphin and how much I look like a hydrophobic, epileptic bear in the water

Unfortunately I am unable to swim in Southhead this year (again) but Jennie has promised to go on an adventure swim somewhere along this amazing coast with me… thinking of Palmie to Mona Vale or Narrabeen!