I am Cae Tolman, a 39 year old Welshman/Australian. I moved to Sydney in 2006 with my partner (now wife) Jennie and our daughter, Flea; we now live in beautiful Newport on the Northern Beaches with our dogs, Lexi and Stanley and cat, Mojo..

Prior to moving to Australia I had never been particularly physically fit; I cycled to work for periods of time and jogged when I felt guilty about having no exercise regimen and being unfit.

At some point between 1st and 10th July 2014 I will swim the 34 km+ between England and France. I will spend at least 12 hours in 15 degree celsius water, battling cold, fatigue, inner demons and possibly seasickness while swimming across a very busy shipping channel, guided by my pilot Stuart Gleeson www.sealeopardcharter.co.uk, with the aim of spending one or two minutes on a French beach before leaving again; not even a chance to buy some smelly cheese and red wine!