Aquacae’s Moloka’i Adventure


“The only bad swim is one from which you learn nothing” Paul…

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Boxed fear: how do you keep yours?


“I will show you fear in a handful of dust” TS Eliot:…

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Lessons learnt


The clock is ticking, once again. Less than three weeks to go…

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Wise words of Evel Knievel


 “A man can fall many times in life but he’s never a…

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Aloha y’all

Fanny and all

Hi swimfans! Long time no write… been resting on my laurels, dining…

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Nothing Great Is Easy


It is only now, nearly  a week after I became a Channel…

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Another 15 minutes of fame


Hey’all! Well I’m in Dover with Ben, Michael and James. We hunted…

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The last days of the last Boy Scout

photo 2 (1)

Michael Teys calls me boy scout in swim squad… I am the…

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My moment of fame and heroic fatness


I finally got my 15 (10) minutes of fame this week: my…

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Return to cold water daze


One year later… only 10 weeks to go. Once again it was…

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Media Excitement


While fundraising for Alzheimer’s Australia was not the primary reason for me…

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Return to Rotto and beyond…

Rotto 2

Dawn on Cottesloe Beach. Am I more calm than last year? Most…

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Tick-tock tick-tock


It’s been a while, eh? My last blog entry was in September…

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Palmie to Manly: the odyssey

Photo 7-09-13 12 02 48 AM

So… it didn’t happen on August 17 as I previously said it…

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The “Alternative” City2Surf


Sunday saw the Frosties swimming North Head, with the support of our…

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Microwave Jenny House Concert

photo (4)

Friday 2 August saw the Tolman family hosting a house concert as…

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J’habite dans le Lac Philippe


Aquacae’s guiding principle should be “if you visit, swimit”; so in the…

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Palmie to Manly

Life is a journey, full of smaller stages each with its own…

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18 May 2013: Dee Why to Shelley and back again or “So that’s what cable ties are for”

2012-05-17 07.41.08

With Southhead swim (Bondi to Watson’s Bay) being off the cards for…

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The luckiest guy in the world


Major milestone passed: 40 years old on May 31. I took a…

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Cold water daze: Melbourne cold water camp


Welcome  to the next stage in my training: cold water acclimatisation. So,…

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The English Channel: 13 and a half months to go… or thereabouts; who’s counting?

2012-05-17 09.56.12

I am counting; I have Vlad’s training plan pinned to the wall…

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“I've swum with some of the best swimmers in the world... and Cae”

How did I end up here? Part 3: Rottnest Channel


Despite saying I wasn’t going to commit to the English Channel until…

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How did I end up here? Part 2


Over winter 2012, while I knew I wanted to swim Rottnest Channel…

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How did I end up here? Part 1


I don’t know when I first thought about swimming the Channel. I…

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“ A man who has never let his meagre talents stand in the way of his ambition”